Deutsche Industrie REIT-AG sustainably invests in high-yield light industrial real estate in Germany. The object of the company is the acquisition and management of an attractive light industrial real estate portfolio, whose locations are characterised by well-connected infrastructure in mature commercial or industrial areas. Deutsche Industrie REIT-AG achieves sustainable, profit-oriented earnings growth through further acquisitions and ongoing investments in the Germany-wide real estate portfolio.

Professional asset and portfolio management also adds value with the aim of retaining tenants in the long term and increasing property values sustainably. Asset management is handled by our partner, elgeti brothers GmbH. elgeti brothers GmbH was founded in 2009 and is a medium-sized company that specialises in the professional management of commercial properties. elgeti brothers GmbH looks after the asset management of the properties of Deutsche Industrie REIT-AG throughout Germany.


If you have specific questions about our portfolio properties, please contact: 

Isabella Standke
+49 30 484 9009 200